Friday, January 27, 2012

A Car That Drives Itself...

While Matt was recently visiting his friends in Miami, Florida, he had rented a vehicle from Chris Pinkow.  Matt rented a Mercedes from Icon Luxury Rentals.  When he showed up to rent the vehicle he was surprised to see the New Mercedes Maybach.  Matt was shocked that the care was new, immaculate, and told me it drives itself. 

Okay - drives itself?  Really?  Chris was asked about the car driving itself and Chris said, yes, it will steer and brake for you.  I was amazed.  I decided to take a test drive of this car myself thinking, there's now way it will steer itself - well, yes sir it did!  AWESOME I say!

Chris' customer service and amazing attitude has helped me decide which car to rent every time I'm in town. 

Matt told me the next time he rents a car while in Florida it will be from Chris Pinkow.  He was absolutely amazed at the service he was handled with.

Thanks Chris for an amazing experience with your Mercedes Maybach.  I was thrilled to have driven the car and will be happy to rent this car again.

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