Thursday, August 2, 2012

If you want to "puff-up-your-chest" and show people that you’ve arrived you need three things: a massive house, a smoking hot wife and a luxury car. Let's start on the last one. Which car brand shows that you have arrived?

1. Ferrari
2. Lambo
3. Bentley
4. Bugatti
5. Rolls Royce
6. Aston Martin
7. Porsche

Monday, March 19, 2012

Icon Luxury Car Rentals

Do you like the idea of ​​seating in the cockpit of Ferrari and getting ready to explode down the street? Turning onlookers heads as they hear the sound of the engine and maybe even the bass of the stereo.  Don’t have the budget to afford this luxury every day? Probably not! For this reason, and many other wise reasons, you should consider joining thousands of others who decide to rent a luxury car rather than buying one.

Everyone deserves to feel special and privileged like a rock-star or a pro-athlete once in awhile.  Or even pamper their love ones on that special occasion.  There are many reasons to rent rather than purchase. The largest reason is controlled expenditures rather than a monthly payment of a loan. You help decide the rental rate by the hours or the days of the rental agreement.  You do not bleed money every month paying a monthly loan.
You never have to worry about expensive repairs if something goes wrong.  Since the car technically belongs to someone else you can point out problems and just walk away.  When you purchase a luxury car you have responsibilities and you can’t just walk away.

You can get new luxury car each time you rent and the options are sometimes endless?  Not so when you purchase and are stuck with the same car year in and out.

Renting allows you the options to test drive the luxury car you are thinking about purchasing before you spend tens-of-thousand of dollars on a luxury car that down the road you find out doesn’t really fit your needs.

But, let’s face it. One of the real reasons you want the luxury car is because you want to turn heads and usually of the opposite sex?  What better way to do that by pulling up each weekend with a new luxury car that financial makes you look like a sheik of a oil rich country?

If you live in South Florida area or are coming to visit.  Come to Icon Luxury Car Rentals and feel like that sheik for a few days!!

See Chris Pinkow website to see all the cars available and more contact information.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Car That Drives Itself...

While Matt was recently visiting his friends in Miami, Florida, he had rented a vehicle from Chris Pinkow.  Matt rented a Mercedes from Icon Luxury Rentals.  When he showed up to rent the vehicle he was surprised to see the New Mercedes Maybach.  Matt was shocked that the care was new, immaculate, and told me it drives itself. 

Okay - drives itself?  Really?  Chris was asked about the car driving itself and Chris said, yes, it will steer and brake for you.  I was amazed.  I decided to take a test drive of this car myself thinking, there's now way it will steer itself - well, yes sir it did!  AWESOME I say!

Chris' customer service and amazing attitude has helped me decide which car to rent every time I'm in town. 

Matt told me the next time he rents a car while in Florida it will be from Chris Pinkow.  He was absolutely amazed at the service he was handled with.

Thanks Chris for an amazing experience with your Mercedes Maybach.  I was thrilled to have driven the car and will be happy to rent this car again.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chris Pinkow is the Man with all the Luxury Cars & Yachts!

Chris Pinkow is the Man with all the Luxury Cars & Yachts!

Are you taking a vacation to Florida?  Would you need a car or a yacht?  Wow!  The experience you get from Chris Pinkow at Icon Rental is amazing.  He works with each individual to see exactly what you need or want and will match you with the best vehicle/boat for you.

When you talk to clients that have rented from Chris at Icon you will notice his detail to you and your needs.

See what we are talking about today and rent a car today!

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